Physical-chemical and mineralogical-petrographic examinations of diatomite from deposit near village of Rožden, Republic of Macedonia

  • Arianit Reka
  • Todor Anovski
  • Slobodan Bogoevski
  • Blagoj Pavlovski
  • Boško Boškovski


For the characterization of the natural amorphous SiO2 found in a new deposit in Republic ofMacedonia, the following examinations were performed: physical-mechanical, chemical, mineralogical, SEM, IR andthermal examinations. Physical-mechanical analyses show that it is a white to grey colored rock, of low hardness,with a low volumetric mass and high porosity. Chemical analyses show that the material dominantly contains SiO2.Mineralogical and XRD analyses show high percentage of isotropic amorphous mass content, with minimal contentsof submicroscopic cryptocrystalline mass. Thermal analyses show high thermal stability. Based on the conducted researchof the raw material from the new deposit, it can be concluded that it represents SiO2-diatomite of high quality,useful for various purposes.


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