Oral Hygiene Level Maintenance among Dental Medicine Students

  • Darko Kochovski "Goce Delchev University"
  • Verica Toneva "Goce Delchev University"
  • Cena Dimova Faculty of Medical Science, University of “Goce Delcev”, Stip




Introduction: Oral hygiene is one of the most important measures for the preservation and promotion of oral health. Not proper maintenance of oral hygiene leads to create dental plaque. Dental plaque of the teeth and gums is the major cause of diseases of the tissues such as tooth decay, sensitivity of teeth and tooth necks, sore gums, gum recession, loosening of the teeth as a result of periodontitis.

Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the level of maintenance of oral hygiene among students of Dental medicine.

Material and method: For the realization of this survey was made a questionnaire with 5 questions. In the survey were included 40 students from third year. In the same students, checks were made, where it was determined the condition of the teeth and plaque index.

Results: Forty-five percent of students had a plaque index less than 0.6 which means that they maintain proper oral hygiene. Fifty-two percent had plaque index of 0.6 to 1.9 which means that they maintain good oral hygiene, but they should take adequate measures to promote their oral hygiene. It was determined unsatisfied level of oral hygiene among 2.5% of the students.

Conclusion: As a general conclusion, the study showed that students of Dental medicine maintained good oral hygiene. Individuals who maintain proper oral hygiene have a small percentage of dental plaque and have less probability to develop diseases of the teeth and parodontium.

Key words: Oral hygiene, dental plaque, teeth, students, plaque index.