Iatrogenic mistakes, cause for a failure at surgical treatment of a chronic periapical processes

  • Sarita Kadrova Macedonian
  • Cena Dimova Faculty of Medical Science, University of “Goce Delcev”, Stip


Introduction: The chronic periapical processes are common changes that can be located in the oral cavity. One of the main reasons for their occurrence are  untreated infected teeth, usually infected by caries, but also bad, late or incomple treatment of the root canals. According to numerous researches over 60% of all the surgical interventions are the surgical treatments of a chronic periapical processes and their consequences.

The failure at the surgical treatment of the chronic periapical processes can show up as a result of iatrogenic mistakes, and sometimes the causes are some general or local factors.

Aim: The aim of this research was to present some of the iatrogenic mistakes as a rear  reason for the failure of the surgical treatment of the chronic periapical processes.

Material, methods and results:  In a 12 months period from August 2014 to July 2015, the surgical treatment of a chronic periapical processes was applied to 20 patients in different dental offices.

Results: After a period of three months in 10 % of the cases (two patients) a failure of the treatment was found which led to an extraction of the apicoectomied teeth.

Conclusion: The cause of the failure in these cases is the iatrogenic mistake which can be seen on the RTG that was made after the intervention.



Keywords: iatrogenic, periapical.

Author Biography

Sarita Kadrova, Macedonian
Oral surgery - specialist


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