Prosthetic rehabilitation in patient with advanced degree of functional disorders (case report)

  • Natasa Denkova
  • Katerina Zlatanovska
  • Ana Radeska – Panovska
  • Sanja Nashkova
  • Ivona Kovachevska


Introduce Loss of hard dental tissues from noncarios etiology is multifactorial irreversible process , occur as a result of chemical and physical factors. These disorders are associated with the terms of abrasion, erosion and atricion - functional disorders. The severity of the defects can significantly depending on the predominant etiologic factor.

These disorders rarely occur individually and in isolation, often in the same patient observed several forms of loss of hard dental tissues, which are mutually combined.

Aim  In this theme we set a purpose about solving combined functional discorders at an advanced s tage.

Case report

For the realization of our purpose, we had a 43 years old patient with advanced stage of combined functional disorders.

The patient had impaired aesthetics and difficulty mastication.

At the same patient was suggested high aesthetic restauration, with porcelain crowns.

Final result is achievement of normal occlusion, articulation and satisfactory esthetics by setting porcelain crowns on teeth with combined functional impairments.

Conclusion Thanks to the developed aesthetic restoration, except  getting aesthetics,we  prevente the deepening of the tooth defect and enabled smooth realization of the function of masticator apparatus.


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