Oral surgery treatment in the patients with combination syndrome

  • Vesna Korunoska Stevkovska Prosthetic dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia
  • Katerina Zlatanovska
  • Nikola Gigovski
  • Žaklina Menceva
  • Julijana Nikolovska
  • Emilija Bajraktarova-Valjakova
  • Aneta Mijoska



INTRODUCTION Combination syndrome  isassociated with anterior hyperfunction syndrome. This syndrome isseen in patients with a completely edentulous maxilla and partially edentulous mandible with preserved some of the anterior teeth.

MATERIAL AND METHOD The investigationwas provided on five patients with removable dentures at the Department of prosthodontics in the period of last three years. Three of them have weared the dentures more then ten years, and came  to the clinic for new one.  Another two patients have weared removable dentures between two and four years, and came because the frontal part of the upper jaw appeared swollen. By clinical examination in all patients we noticed hyperplastic tissue in the pre-maxillary region andreduction of the residual ridge on the frontal part of the maxilla as a result of the increasing pressure from the anterior teeth of thelower jaw.This tissue was removed by oral surgery (laser removing of hyperplastic tissue). Also we noticed periodontal changes and extrusion of natural lowerfrontal  teeth and increased reduction of mandibular residual ridge.

Results AND CONCLUSION After healing period we made new dentures in the three patients which were covered by the HIFM  andin another two patients we made indirect relining on the upper denture, re-occlusion and re-articulation achieving a weak contacts between the lower natural teeth and upper teeth of the complete denture. We recommended the patients not to bite   food with  anterior teeth and to avoid chewing very hard food which tends to imprint and displace dentures and of course to came to regular controls.


Key words: removable dentures, combination sindrom, hyperplastic tissue, oral surgery treatment

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