Gaussian Method for computing Earth Magnetic Field

  • Blagica Doneva


For the study of geomagnetic phenomena and the solving of numerous tasks from the application of geomagnetic methods, it is very important to find an analytical expression that shows the dependence of the magnetic field, or its components, on the coordinates of the points placed on the Earth's surface. To find such an analytic expression, one can start from the assumption of a homogeneously magnetized Earth, or, based on the measured values of the elements of the Earth's magnetic field at a set point, it can be found an expression that shows the distribution of magnetization inside the Earth corresponding to the measured field. Elements of the geomagnetic field are: declination D, inclination I, horizontal H, eastern Y, northern X and vertical Z component, as well as the vector T of the geomagnetic field. The intensities of the geomagnetic field elements are expressed in [nT] nanotesla, and the values of declination D and inclination I of the geomagnetic field are expressed in degrees.


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