• Andon Majhoshev
  • Suzana Dzamtoska Zdravkovska


Elections are a complex, controversial and responsible political process, so the media should be very careful when reporting on them. The media must act in a socially responsible manner, which means that they should behave impartially, fairly and have a balanced media coverage of the election process. During elections, the media must ensure representation of as many candidates and political subjects as possible. These rules apply to broadcast media, while printed media should provide it in accordance with the ethical standards and self-regulation. Every election is a test of democracy and democratic values in a society, but it is also a test and confrontation of party programs.

Covering elections is a very important segment of freedom of expression. Covering elections does not only mean reporting on election campaigns and holding party rallies. It also includes reporting on all the different opinions and attitudes of political subjects that are always opposed to one another. Elections are an important aspect of democracy in a state. Public perception of the democratic capacity of a state is created from the way of organizing and conducting the election process.

Elections do not take place in a legal vacuum. They are conducted based on international instruments that determine the standards by which elections should be organized and conducted. International standards for the regulation of media coverage of election campaigns have been implemented by most democratic states in the world in their own national legislation, including the Republic of Macedonia.

The basic research question in the paper is whether the electoral legislation of the Republic of Northern Macedonia is in line with European and international electoral law. The answer to this question will come through an analysis of national and international electoral legislation, using the method of analysis and the legal method.


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