• Olgica Babic-Bjelic


The paper presents experiences and results of applying poetry workshops in working with preschool children in Preschool institution in Zrenjanin..” Poet among children – children among poems” is name of project within which implemented three poetic workshops. The first is called “I want to tell you something”, the second “Both children and poets are looking for
beauty” and the third “Both children and poets love to play”. Goal of these workshops is enrichment of social environment and cultural context of child and encouraging speech - Language, cognitive and social devel- opment of children and creativity.
This goal is achieved through listening to the poet who speaks his poetry, talking about feelings, thoughts, actions that poetry evokes in children and through children’s creation. Children could express themselves with drawings, words, movement .The results of these workshops were poetry that have been thought up, children's message to the world and adults, poetry listening skills that children developed and the books written by the poet who spent time with children.
Children from these workshops had the following welfare: they developed and refined ability to communicate with peers and adults; were motivated and actively involved in listening, thinking and creating poems; have developed auditory attention; have enriched their vocabulary. Children were released, smiling and happy, they were impatiently expected workshops . This was a pleasant and exciting experience for all participants.

Dec 30, 2016
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