• Natka Jankova
  • Silvana Jovcheska


Business and language are inter-connected in many ways. In order to do an International business task, one needs to acquire knowledge of Business English and also Inter-cultural communication. What you say, wear and behave can either break or make you in business. Also, global business is demanding and businesses are looking for the best candidates.
In order to keep up with the demands, the applicants need to Master the Art of Business. This paper will cover some tips for acquiring Interview skills, the business and the electronic etiquette.
If people want to be successful in Business internationally, they should study Business English. Teaching and learning Business English is much different than it looks like. The teacher necessarily needs to know the methodology of ESP which is quite different than teaching EGP. The paper will go through the differences of ESP/EGP/EOP and will provide you with some
useful tips of how to avoid traditional frontal teaching by using task-based activities.

Jan 10, 2017
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