• Otilia Sîrbu


A human being’s ability, its consciousness gift, leads it to simultaneously perceive not only the unique, but the repetitive as well. Structurally bearer of divine will, caught in the collective unconscious, in the consciousness reality, defined by ethnology, awaited by etiology, the human being gives the temporality a meaning.
Without it, despite its minuses and pluses, without this human being, ravished by history, anthropological saved, the life would have lost by one its valences and their thrill.
Filled with a measurable physical and mental resistance, crossing, in her rhythm, its historical space, intimate, defying or accepting the imposed rules, the human being has all the chances of its future. A purposeful future, that however, must be very alert and even curious to the past and present that simultaneously surrounds it. Its future is and must be the binder between the past and the present, the sacred and profane coagulant given and both refused. The only condition of survival of the entire human existential. And this condition cannot assume, for the beginning, only the notion of sacrifice.

Jan 16, 2017
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