Call for Papers


Dear colleagues,

The International Journal "Natural Resources and Technology" is open for new submission. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that fall within the focus of the journal.

The papers are published online, twice a year (June and December), at:

The  International Journal "Natural Resources and Technology" publishes original scientific papers, short communications and reviews from all fields of Mining, Geology, Environmental Protection, Industrial Logistics, Occupational Safety and Health and Interior and Exterior Design.

Instructions for Authors:

The submitted papers must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this journal.

Language: English. 

The papers should range from 5 to 12 pages, A4 format, including references, diagrams, and appendices if any.

Only articles that will meet all publishing conditions will be take into consideration. Those are: 

Independent anonymous reviewers for originality, meaning, and visibility must evaluate all manuscripts submitted for publication. After approval of the manuscript from reviewers, the article can be published.

To be able to receive a notification and to submit articles for publication, you must register on this system. Registration is done on the following link:

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Publication of articles in the Journal is free.


With respect,

Afrodita Zendelska
Editor in Chief