About the Journal

Journal of Agriculture and Plant Sciences (ЈАРЅ) is successor of the national journal Yearbook of Faculty of Agriculture of Goce Delcev University, which was published since 2001. Publication of Journal of Agriculture and Plant Sciences (ЈАРЅ) as international journal continues from 2017, starting with Volume 15.

Journal of Agriculture and Plant Sciences (ЈАРЅ) publishes articles in broader research area of agriculture and plant sciences: plant and animal production, plant genetics and breeding, plant protection, field crops, horticulture, viticulture, plant and animal biotechnology, animal husbandry, animal genetics and breeding, food control, enology, soil science, environmental protection, landscape architecture, agribusiness, agricultural technology and other reach fields in agriculture and plant sciences.

The journal is issued two times a year and it is available in open access. The articles are published in English with abstracts in English and Macedonian language. Articles published in the journal can be downloaded free of charge from the journal website. Articles are licensed under CC BY 4.0 International.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to a strict double-blind peer review process by at least two reviewers that are experts in the area of the particular manuscript. The reviewers are assigned on a voluntary basis.

There are no submission, processing or publication fees.

Please find the journal's Publications ethics and malpractice statement (PEMS) on this link

Online ISSN 2545-4455

Print ISSN 2545-4447