Presence of grapevine leafroll associated virus in the vuineyards in the Republic of Macedonia

  • Emilija Kostadinovska Goce Delcev University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Protection and Environment
  • Sasa Mitrev Goce Delcev University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Protection and Environment
  • Ilija Karov Goce Delcev University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Protection and Environment
  • Violeta Dimovska Goce Delcev University Faculty of Agriculture


Plant viruses are group of pathogens that cause and important loses in grapevine production and they have and great economic importance. They are obligate parasite form and for their replication they used plant cells.

In particular vines, the harmful effects of viral infection manifests itself in reduced yield and quality of grapes, reducing the life of the vines in grapevine calem production - reducing the yield and quality of cuttings for grafting and weak adhesion of the coupling place.

By applying serological ELISA technique and RT-PCR molecular diagnostics, we determining the presence of most distributed phloemic viruses in grapevine - Grapevine leafroll associated virus GlRaV (-1,-2,-3,-7). The study covered  total of 382 isolates of grapevine viruses, in the period from 2008 till 2014.

In relation to grapevine viruses, we monitored the presence of the leafroll virus in grapevine (grapevine leafroll associated virus) with groups -1 and -3 of this virus (GlRaV-1 and GlRaV-3).


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