The Influence of the Climatic Conditions as a Factor on Some Quantitative Characteristics of Sunflower in the Region of Ovce Pole

  • P Egumenovski
  • Z Dimov
  • Sasa Mitrev
  • Daniela Dimovska
  • T Jurtiev
  • Ljupco Mihajlov


In this paper we present the values of several quantitativecharacteristics on sunflower, VNIIMK 8931 variety, in the region ofOvce Pole. This variety has tradition for growing in Macedonia withpossibility to grow in the future. Her adaptability to the climaticconditions of the region shows very stable parameters of the examinationcapacities. The average height of the plants was between 204.0 cm in2000, 208.0 and 209.0 cm in 2001 and 2002. The diameter of the head(florescence) for the period of three years was 19.7 cm and absoluteweight of the seed 87.7 g. All three characteristics didn’t show anystatistical differences. The statistical significant differences we obtainonly in the case of yield of seed per head (florescence): 120.0 g in 2002,117.0 g in 2001 and 98.0 g in 2000. The percentage of oil keep theaverage for the sunflower as an industrial oil crops: 44,5% in the first,47,9% in the second and 43,1% in the third year of investigation.


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