Organic production of mixed cereal crops

  • Mite Ilievski "Goce Delcev" University - Stip
  • Dragica Spasova "Goce Delcev" University - Stip
  • Ljupco Mihajlov "Goce Delcev" University - Stip
  • Natalija Markova Ruzdik "Goce Delcev" University - Stip
  • Dusan Spasov "Goce Delcev" University - Stip
  • Risto Kukutanov "Goce Delcev" University - Stip
  • Milan Georgievski "Goce Delcev" University - Stip


As the material for work using different genotypes of three types of cereals: soft wheat, rye and triticale, which were placed in some combinations of associated crops.

The results for the grain yield obtained in this system of plant production of mixed cereal crops can be seen that it is within the 4 240 kg/ha to 8 520 kg/ha.

Regardless of years and variants in the experiment, the general average yield of mixed cereal crops in the production system is 5 884.4 kg/ha.

Regardless of the years of the survey, the highest average yield in the system of production give a second variant (Improved Orovchanka - soft wheat + Yugo TC 11 - triticale), 6 220 kg/ha.



Key words: wheat, rye, triticale, plant, yield, crops