Cloud Computing application for Water Resources Modeling and Optimization

  • Blagoj Delipetrev


Modeling and optimization of water resources is complex multidisciplinary collaborative task suitable for development of a cloud computing application. The presented application for water resources modeling and optimization is built on three latest advancements in computer science and technology: Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and web Geographic Information Systems. The cloud computing application have three tiers: (1) database tier capable of storing all relevant data and information (including geospatial information) (2) middle tier that support multiple data sources and provide platform for building specialized web services and (3) web services tier. The web service tier contains three web services (1) for geospatial data management, (2) for water resources modeling and (3) water resources optimization. The cloud computing application for water resource modeling and optimization advantages over previous solutions are: accessible from everywhere, available all the time, scalable, interoperable, distributed and ultimate collaboration platform.The application web address is





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