Balkan Social Science Review (BSSR) is established on behalf of the Faculty of Law in the University “Goce Delcev” in Stip, Republic of Macedonia. It is designed to encourage interest in all matters relating to law, political sciences, and sociology  seen in the context of the Balkan, with an emphasis on matters of theory and on broad issues arising from the relationship of wider social science disciplines encouraging interdisciplinary approach in areas of relevance.

The journal does not favor one over another approach, but rather encourages the use of appropriate social science approaches for the given topic or paper. The BSSR urges potential authors to consider a wide range of important policy discussions, arguments, practices, methodologies, and theories, in areas including: The main scope of this Journal is on several areas of Social Sciences. We encourage researches in:
•    Comparative studies within Balkans and Europe
•    Law and legal framework in different Balkan countries and aprocsimation of EU legislative and practices
•    International relations of Balkan countries (Geopolitics), but also and inner-regional cooperation and perspectives
•    Political status of each Balkan country, and the regional politics, seen in the perspectives of different political theories
•    Ethnicity, social inclusion and national identity development in the context of the Balkan
•    Good governance, human rights, human development and civil societies in the Balkan
•    Public Administration in different Balkan countries- compared experiences in the region and European practices
•    Media and Communications in the Balkans
•    Security aspects of the Balkan region, building peace and coexistence est.

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Publication Ethics

Author's are asked to sign Author's Statement and to send it along with the final version submission. Under the full moral and substantive responsibility, the author needs to decleare  that the paper:

  • Is a result of individual research conducted in an ethical and responsible manner that comply with the relevant legislation
  • The results are presented, honestly and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation
  • The paper has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere

Also, the author is required to agree with the following permission and copyright notice.

Permission notice

Authors are expected to obtain permission from copyright holders for reproducing any illustrations, tables, figures or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere. The Proceedings will not be held accountable for any copyright infringement caused by the authors.

Copyright notice

The content offered in the Proceedings remains the intellectual property of the authors and their publishers respectively. University “Goce Delcev”- Shtip, R. Macedonia keap the right to promote and re-publish the texts.

The editors of the journal is commited to:

- making fair and unbiased decisions independed froom commercial consideration and ensure ensure a fair and appropriate perr review process

- addopting editorial policies that encourage maximu transparency and complete, honest reporting

- guarding the integrity of the published record by issuing corrections and retractions when needed and pursuing suspected or alleged research and publication misconduct

- pursuing reviewer and editorial misconduct

- having appropriate policies in place for handling editorial conflict of interest.