The Collapse of Transitional Justice in Serbia

  • Bojan Perović PhD cand. University of Hamburg, Faculty of Law Researcher- Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia


This paper shows the roots of the unsuccessful transitional justice in Serbia. From Milosevic to Kostunica, Djindjic and Tadic their approach to transitional justice was only to change the stylization of carefully selected political statements. The author gives a critical review of the role of “democratic” leaders during the 2000s and their often forgotten contribution to the “blurring of reality”. Despite the more or less harsh rhetoric transitional justice had the same path and follows the same pattern. Transitional justice processes were monitored by relation analysis of other powerful (non)- state actors such as the Universities, school textbooks in which the young generations are nurtured, catalytic role of the media and intellectual elites, and above all politicized Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, led by “father of the nation” - Dobrica Cosic. This paper shows that deeply established nationalism had the major role in the unsuccessful transitional justice in Serbia.

Keywords: transitional justice, Serbia, elites, war.

Dec 30, 2015
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