• Marija Drakulovska Cukalevska
  • Anica Dragovic


This paper attempts to explore the relationship between the global and the culture in the Macedonian society. The main purpose of the analysis presented in this paper is to test the adequacy of the relevant theorizations the relationship of the global and the local, especially in terms of the culture, as well as to identify empirically the factors which best explain the relationship of the global and the local in culture in the Macedonian society. The data for this paper comes from a survey of a total of 671, all Macedonian citizens more than 15 years old. The selection of the units of the sample is appropriate to the predetermined quotas. The criterion for establishing the quotas for the selection of the sampling units are as follows: regions, gender and age of the respondents. The research results show that the profile of global and local culture in Macedonian society is built on seventeen factors: (1) " Global synergies of communications and digital technologies in the culture of the Macedonian society Communication”, (2) "Polarization and stratification of rich and poor countries economically, politically and culturally”, (3) "Big worldwide industrial markets affecting local cultures, identities and lifestyles", (4) “Relatively high presence of the globalization in the economy, the financial operations and politics in the Macedonian society ", (5) "The relatively high presence of globalization in fashion trends in clothing, and slightly lower in the sphere of education", (6) "Economically, politically and financially leader international organizations and countries in the world, which are imposed as factors in resolving the internal problems in the local socio-cultural context", (7) “The processes of globalization allow glocal identities, which will enable the integration of the global and the local elements of the culture in the Macedonian society", (8) “The situation and the status of the Macedonian language in the conditions of globalization", (9) “The Internet and the English language in the Macedonian culture as signs of the globalization in it", (10) "Cultures in the Macedonian society  strive to preserve its distinctiveness”, (11) "The media as a factor of the globalization processes in culture in the Macedonian society", (12) “Globalization of the culture in the Macedonian society",  (13) “The economic progress of the Macedonian society  depends on its openness to the modern world processes, which generally do not pose a threat to the identity", (14) “The Macedonian society, is a society with relatively little impact on the globalization", (15) “The Macedonian language as a cultural identifier of the culture and the identity in the Macedonian society", (16) "Globalization in the Macedonian culture leads to the destruction of the boundaries and divisions among different cultures and provokes their mutual interaction", and (17) “The selection of documentaries, films and series in the Macedonian culture announce the presence of the processes of globalization out of which processes of globalization develop directly. " This relation is observed in the constant interaction of cultures and their elements.


Dec 30, 2019
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