Call for papers for Vol. 16



Balkan Social Science Review Volume 16

Dear colleagues and researchers

We are pleased to announce the Call for papers for the 16th edition of Balkan Social Science Review (BSSR). BSSR is an international scientific journal established by the Faculty of Law, Goce Delchev University in Shtip, Republic of North Macedonia. The journal is indexed in the following databases: SCOPUS, HeinOnline, EBSCO, CEEOL and Index Copernicus. Please find all information on our homepage,

Scope of the Journal

The BSSR aims to contribute to the research on Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights, Law, Sociology, Anthropology, Public Administration, Economics and Media concerning the Balkans as well as the correlations and comparison between the Balkans and other countries in the world. BSSR welcomes research and review articles on all aspects of the social sciences seen within the Balkan context and/or international context, including all interdisciplinary studies within the scope of the Journal.

The Journal does not favor one approach over another, rather encourages the use of appropriate social science approaches for the given topic or paper. The BSSR urges potential authors to consider a wide range of important policy discussions, arguments, practices, methodologies, and theories, in areas including the main scope of this Journal which is on several areas of Social Sciences. We encourage researches in:

  • Comparative studies within Balkans and Europe
  • Law and legal framework in different Balkan countries and approximation of EU legislative and practices
  • International relations of Balkan countries (Geopolitics), but also and intra-regional cooperation and perspectives
  • The political status of each Balkan country, and the regional politics, seen from the perspective of different political theories
  • Ethnicity, social inclusion, and national identity development in the context of the Balkans
  • Good governance, human rights, human development and civil societies in the Balkans
  • Public Administration in different Balkan countries, comparing experiences between the region and European practice
  • Media and communications in the Balkans
  • Security aspects of the Balkan region, the building of peace and coexistence
  • Legal, social and political changes and tendencies in the global world and up-to-date research from international scholars

Submission notice

All submissions should be based on original research or new interpretations and should reflect the highest standards of scholarship. With every submission the editors assume that the authors are familiar with the Journal’s PEMS, as available on the following link With regards to our PEMS, it is required that the Author’s Statement be sent to the editors alongside the suggested paper.

Offered articles and book reviews should be sent to All submitted manuscripts should contain author's name and affiliation, email, the title, abstract (150-300 words), key words, body of the text, and bibliography. Quotation style is APA.  Authors should send their papers in the English language only, in accordance with the Author Guidelines. The preferable length of the papers is a minimum of 6,000 words.

All submissions based on this call for papers will be subject to the following reviewing process that is presented in chronological order:

  1. Initial screening of the paper is conducted by the editors of the Journal. Please be advised that paper may be rejected by the editors before sending the paper for full peer review due to one or several of the following reasons:
    • It fails the technical screening which includes elements that are suspected to be plagiarized, the manuscript is not complete, the figures are not complete or clear enough, the article does not conform to the Author’s Guideline of the Journal
    • the paper does not fall within the aims and scope of the Journal
    • the procedure and / or the analysis of the data is seen to be defective
    • it is incomprehensive in terms of language, structure, figures
    • the paper is not of interest to the readers of the Journal
    • the paper lacks usage of relevant literature
  1. Proofreading review of the paper which is provided by native English speaker that also has the competences to evaluate the paper from methodological aspect and suggest improvements for our authors.
    • based on the opinions of the proofreading reviewer, the editors may reach the decision to reject the paper in this phase of the reviewing process, due to the following reason: the English language does not meet the criteria of the journal
  1. Full peer review process that involves two independent reviewers that have expertise in the field of the subject of the paper. The Journal uses double-blind reviewing process. The evaluation of the paper provided by the reviewers is given in a form available in our published PEMS. Based on the two reviews, the editors are responsible for the decision regarding acceptance or rejection of articles. The editors’ decision is final.

Timeline for the Volume 16:

  • Deadline for submitting manuscripts is November 1, 2020.
  • Acceptance and peer reviews by December 1, 2020.
  • Final version submission December 15, 2020.
  • Electronic version publication December 25, 2020.
  • Printed version publication February 25, 2021.



Balkan Social Science Review

Jovan Ananiev PhD, Editor in Chief,

Faculty of Law, University “Goce Delcev”- Shtip, Republic of N. Macedonia,


Marija Ampovska, PhD, Managing Editor

Faculty of Law, University “Goce Delcev”- Shtip, Republic of N. Macedonia,