The Economic Crisis and Industrial Relations System in the Republic of Macedonia

  • Andon Majhosev Univesity Goce Delchev- Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia


Global economic crisis has caused the political actors, social partners and citizens with unprecedented challenges. This paper aims to give an overview of the industrial relations in Macedonia in an economic crisis environment. It also gives an overall image of social partners, the key crisis indicators, its consequences and political responses proposed to address the negative consequences of the crisis. Finally, to reflect the influence of the social partners and the role of social dialogue over adopted political responses to the crisis, the paper discusses different perspectives and measures proposed by the social partners to address the crisis. The paper will also present gap analysis of the Governments anti-crisis measures in the Macedonia. In Republic of Macedonia, the Government has promoted five packages of anti-crisis measures that aimed to decrease the impact the crises on the economy. The challenges are analyzed from the perspective of the social partners and focus on the economic dimensions of the crises and its impact of the employment, on the salaries, the safety at work, education etc.


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Author Biography

Andon Majhosev, Univesity Goce Delchev- Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia
Faculty of Law, University "Goce Delcev"- Shtip, Macedonia


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