• Maryna Mardar
  • Galina Krusir
  • Rafaela Znachek
  • Larisa Agunova Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


The article is devoted to the issue of food safety as an important indicator of consumer properties and a decisive criterion of their quality. It is describes that various alternative toxicological methods of research using the biological test-objects, the so-called bioassay methods are used along with the traditional toxicological control methods for safety assessment of food products. Safety of new grain crisp bread on the basis of spelt using bioassay methods were evaluated in experimental studies. When conducting ecotoxicological control of grain crisp bread methods with test organisms from different taxonomic groups were applied. The first method is based on determining the toxicity of crisp bread using test-object of Colpoda steіnii infusoria, the second – on testing for a mortality rate of Daphnia Magna Straus crustaceans, the third – by method of determining the toxicity of objects using bioassay methods on the test-object Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies. On the basis of the performed bioassay the safety of new grain crisp bread was determined based on spelt. Ecotoxicological studies allowed assessing the safety of products being developed, as well as the prospect of introduction of new grain crisp bread into the market as a safe food product will be described in future.