• Goran Mihajlovski Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences- Bitola




Today, the need for timely information is essential, especially for business entities working in the field of agribusiness, who are on a constant race on the world market to prove their own quality and services they offer.

Therefore, the organizational ownership of agribusiness is very important, because with good ownership and teamwork, it is possible to obtain quality use of collected information and data for the benefit of the company.

What is missing in terms of mode of acceptance, direction, and classify information in agribusiness is missing the use and presentation of information.

In today's modern concept of agribusiness development, what is lacking in every company is to have a presenter who will be tasked with collecting all agribusiness information and data to classify the information and, as a priority, to make such information online on a daily basis the portal from the company.

Because quality presentation with timely received information may have led to the successful operation of any business entity in the area of agribusiness economic market.

That is the essence of this paper is to show the general functional structure and exchange of information in agribusiness and as such make a more competitive economic market

Key words: information, agribusiness, development, business entities, management