25 years from the establishment of the Faculty of Pedagogy / Faculty of Educational Sciences



From a Higher Pedagogical School, a Pedagogical Academy, and a Educational Sciences and it celebrates 25 years of its existence. That is why 2020 is of great significance for the development and size of this Jubilee, and it deserves attention.

On this occasion, our Faculty organizes an online scientific-professional conference on the topic: Education today/Challenges of the modern pedagogical science. 

The aim of this conference is to offer a new approach towards education and the study of the pedagogical problems. The situation in recent months has stirred first the pedagogical and then the entire public, raising a number of questions and dilemmas about the organization of education and teaching. The conference is dedicated to what is current today, without a complete guarantee that theory or practice will remain the same in future. Based on the offered approach to the treatment of pedagogical problems, we will offer an opportunity to consider the pedagogical issues in their mutual connection, but at the same time to set the contours of future that will outline the position of man in modern society.

 This conference aims at trying a new approach and elaboration in order to answer the following questions: What about classes in regular teaching? What are distance-learning and online teaching? How can we keep pedagogical documentation? How to keep attendance record? What about additional and supplementary teaching? What about homework, studying through projects, workdays, TV lectures, computer-assisted instruction? These are the dilemmas that are the focus of attention of all pedagogical workers at all levels of education. 

 Clearly, these are not the only current issues, because the dilemmas about monitoring and evaluating students’ achievements, objectivity of the grades, individual approach in the educational process, ability of the teacher, and conditions in which pupils or students work, get a completely new dimension at this point so theoretical thinking and ideas and their practical functionality are the subject of interest of our conference.

  Your ideas, suggestions and propositions will make a considerable contribution to the advancement of pedagogical thought and educational practice, as well as to educational policy. 

With your participation, a new light will be shed on the treatment of pedagogical issues; at the same time, it will determine the image and complement the idea of the current new situation both in our country and worldwide.  

The organization of this conference is the first activity of the many we have planned to mark our Jubilee.

Any submission is welcome and, above all, it will be a wonderful gift to honor the great jubilee of 61 years of educational activity: 59 years of the Pedagogical Academy and 25 years of the Faculty of Pedagogy.

The papers will be published in the journal VOSPITANIE.

There is no fee for conference participation. One author can participate with a maximum of two papers. The papers that are not in accordance with the instructions for submission will not be accepted or published.


Papers should be submitted in English no later than 30/06/2020 to the following addresses:




Editorial Board: http://js.ugd.edu.mk/index.php/vospitanie/about/editorialTeam


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