• Aleksandra Kotnik OŠ Hinka Smrekarja, Gorazdova ulica 16, 1000 Ljubljana, R. Slovenia
Keywords: telework, nstructions, assignments, 1st grade


An epidemic was declared in Slovenia on 16 March 2020. Life came to a standstill, cities fell silent, most people stayed at home. However, the use of information and communication technology has increased, as services and teaching took place at a distance. In education, we encountered various problems, such as, lack of IT equipment, lack of knowledge to use IT equipment, unresponsiveness of students and parents. In a short time, we had to learn various tools with which we tried to bring the material closer to the students and communicate with them and their parents. The subject matter had to be reduced and adapted to the students' level of knowledge. In 1st grade, where students do not yet read independently, a connection was established between teachers and parents. Parents took on the role of teachers at home, the task of teachers was to help them as much as possible. Based on the response from parents and students, I did well with the work instructions below.


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