• Jovanka Denkova Faculty of Philology, Goce Delcev University, Stip, Macedonia
Keywords: literature for children, novel for children and youth, Biljana S. Crvenkovska


In this article we refer to a newer work of contemporary Macedonian literature for children. It is about the novel „Zvezda Mrak and the Creatures from Straskograd” from the contemporary Macedonian writer for children, member of the latest generation of authors for children and youth - Biljana S. Crvenkovska. The original concept on which this work is based, intrigues us to pay more attention to it, because without a doubt, the work deserves it. Namely, the work is based on the story and its basic elements, but the author only takes the conception and structure of the story to speak about today, about some universal problems of humanity, such as stigmatization, discrimination, rejection of all those, and everything which is different from the usual.


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