• Uroš Stanković Primary School Hinko Smrekar, Ljubljana, R. Slovenija
Keywords: sports activities, games, teleworking, psycho-physical abilities, motor skills


At a time when various changes in the economy are taking place in the world, VIZ professionals are also feeling changes in the field of education. Teachers, educators, and other professionals in the field of education are looking for various opportunities for improvement, presentation, and introduction of innovation in various fields of learning and education of students. Since September 2020, when the new school year began, sports educators have noticed a big drop in the field of psycho-physical and social development of students. As an expert in the field of sports, I can say that for me, sport is an art through which we express and strengthen the mental as well as motor and social abilities of the students we teach. For this reason, I also activated sports activities at our school in teleworking, which we then continued after returning to school. Teleworking due to Covid-19 has led to deterioration in all areas. I found that students’ motor skills deteriorated. To improve, I started looking for different resources and opportunities to help students with distance learning and in school, through which they will strengthen their skills in different areas. After consulting with the principal, counsellors, and sports assets, we agreed to perform various sports activities through the MS Teams application, where we presented various movement activities and activities with which children began to redevelop their motor skills. We found (also with the help of measurements for sports education card) that the body weight of students increased during teleworking, and decreased mobility, strength and, above all, endurance. The very motivation to get involved in MS Teams and to have the opportunity to work with their classmates in different sports areas has influenced their psycho-physical, cognitive, and social development. Students learned about different sports, chatted, or talked to classmates in a virtual environment, and shared some experiences. Therefore, I decided to present in the article some games that I learned with students in distance learning and continued with these games in school.


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