• Nikola VANGELOV


The aim of this research paper is to analyze, through an easy and visualized approach, the use of emojis in marketing communications. This would enable companies to connect with their target audience on a deeper level and develop winning communication campaigns.

The structure and tasks of the paper are predetermined by its aim - to prove that companies use emojis in communicating with their customers. This paper focuses on the definition and classification of emojis, characteristics of the most used ones, and analysis of their use in various marketing communications. The method of analysis is semiotic analysis. It reveals the opportunities that lie before companies to communicate with their audience in a new and interesting way.

The paper gives examples how companies and users communicate through emojis. Understanding the role of emojis presents opportunities for innovation in communication. Through certain examples we would see how analyzing them reveals more information about users’ personalities. The analysis aims at revealing the opportunities that this relatively new type of communication gives companies on the one hand and users, on the other.

Keywords: emojis, marketing communications, digital communications, sales promotion, social media, Twitter

Dec 18, 2017
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