• Dijana Cekovska
  • Trajko Miceski


Each organization performs its tasks with the help of resources such as people, machines, materials and money. Apart from the human, other resources are not living matter. Human resources are living things and create resources. People use other resources, and produce output in the form of products and services. If human resources are not capable, then other resources are useless and can not produce anything. Out of all these factors of production, human resources have the highest priority and an important factor of production and play a major role in the area of productivity and quality. People in enterprises consist of project individuals of different age, gender, socio-religious groups and different levels of education and knowledge. People at work, despite showing similar behavior and attachment to the company, they also show significant differences. Employee performance is linked to the performance of their tasks and is reported as expectation of how the employee will perform these tasks. Employee performance is defined as the question whether employees perform their duties and responsibilities well. The performance is a key factor for the success of the enterprise. The challenge for every company today is to deliver timely quality products and services and be able to meet the changing demands of customers. Each company strives to create a culture of high performance of the tasks by employees as individuals by improving work skills and competencies that meet the requirements of the job and choose, develop, access and manage employees accordance with international standards and the principle of equal opportunities. The purpose of the operations of any enterprise is to make a profit. The company’s success largely depends on the performance of employees. The orientation of products and services to market and employee performance are in close interdependence. When employees produce top quality products they fulfill the expectations of operation. Individuals who have a high level of performance, realize higher levels of productivity, you have a sense of satisfaction, psychologically not burdened and are fully involved in the work. The evaluation is essential for organizations that need to manage human resources in an effective way to achieve lower costs and increase profits. Also, organizations wishing to maintain a high level of morality should provide their employees feel they are valued and motivated. The numbers of organizations that use performance measurement as a management tool to achieve the objectives of the organization are increasing. Many organizations realize that measuring performance is the most efficient means to advance the organization.Motivated employees reach the necessary performance. Organizations should provide ongoing performance measurement and staff and are convinced that it is done in a correct way.


Sep 12, 2018
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