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Vol. 18 (2021): Balkan Social Science Review Vol.18
Published: 2021-12-24

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Balkan Social Science Review (BSSR) is established on behalf of the Faculty of Law in the University “Goce Delcev” in Stip, Republic of Macedonia. It is open access journal where the procedure for processing and publication of papers is provided without any fee for the authors. It is designed to encourage interest in all matters relating to law, political sciences, and sociology sean in the context of the Balkan, with an emphasis on matters of theory and on broad issues arising from the relationship of wider social science disciplines encouraging interdisciplinary approach in areas of relevance, but it also welcomes international scholars and their researches on legal, social and political changes and tendencies, as it aims to become the leading international academic and intellectual platform for social sciences in the Balkans.

The journal does not favor one over another approach, but rather encourages the use of appropriate social science approaches for the given topic or paper. The BSSR urges potential authors to consider a wide range of important policy discussions, arguments, practices, methodologies, and theories, in areas including the main scope of this journal -  Social Sciences. We encourage researches in:
•    Comparative studies within Balkans and Europe
•    Law and legal framework in different Balkan countries and approximation of EU legislative and practices
•    International relations of Balkan countries (Geopolitics), but also and inner-regional cooperation and perspectives
•    The political status of each Balkan country, and the regional politics, sean in the perspectives of different political theories
•    Ethnicity, social inclusion, and national identity development in the context of the Balkan
•    Good governance, human rights, human development and Civil societies in the Balkan
•    Public Administration in different Balkan countries- compared experiences in the region and European practices
•    Media and Communications in the Balkans
•    Security aspects of the Balkan region, building peace and coexistence 

•    Legal, social and political changes and tendencies in the global world and up-to-date researches from international scholars, seen apart from the Balkans or through their influence in the Balkans and vice versa.


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1. Editor in Chief:

Dr. Jovan ANANIEV, Univesity Goce Delchev- Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia

Tel. +389 32 550 450

2. Managing editor:
Dr. Marija AMPOVSKA, Univesity Goce Delchev - Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia  

+389 32 550 471

3. Language editor:

Dr. Kristine WHITNABLE, University Goce Delcev - Shtip

Editorial board:

Dr. Bekim BELIQI, University of Prishtina, Department of Political Science, Kosovo

Dr. Belul BEQAJ, University of Business and Technology, Department of Political Science, Prishtina, Kosovo

Academician Ivan CVITKOVIC, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Political Science, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. Maciej CZERWINSKI, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Slavic Philology, Krakow, Poland

Dr. Jordan DACI, Wisdom University- Tirana, Department of International Public Law, Albania

Dr. Aleksandra KORAC GRAOVAC, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Croatia

Dr. Marija IGNJATOVIC, University of Nish, Department of History of Law Nis, Serbia

Dr. Jean Paul LEHNERS, UNESCO Chair of Human Rights, Head of Department of Human Rights, Univerity of Luxemburg

Dr. Anton PARVANOV, University of National and World Economy- Sofia,
Department of International Relations, Bulgaria

Dr. Plamen DIMITROV PETROV, Geopolitics- Sofia, Bulgaria

Dr. Vlade PETROV, Sofia University, St. “Kliment Ohridski’, Faculty of Law - Sofia, Bulgaria

Dr. Ivana JARAMAZ RESKUSIC, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Croatia

Dr. Strashko STOJANOVSKI, Univesity Goce Delchev - Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia

Dr. Senada SABIC SELO, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Borka TUSHEVSKA, University Goce Delcev- Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia

Dr. Ana NIKODINOVSKA, Univesity Goce Delchev- Shtip, Faculty of Law, Macedonia

Dr. Alenka VERBOLE, currently- OSCE Mission in Tirana, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Dr. Kristine WHITNABLE, University Goce Delcev - Shtip