• Katerina Despot
  • Vaska Sandeva


Sentimentality and decorativeness of Biedermeier style emphasis on modern living where a strong historical style creates refining the alienation of living. Interior styles are influenced by economic, social and religious beliefs and beliefs in a certain period and the emergence of a certain style is a complex process that can hardly be reliably determined, although there are moments that can be identified as determining in its creation. The term styles in interior means the overall effect is caused by the nature of the architectural elements, furniture and decorated objects in a particular interior. All these elements have varying degrees of impact effects in the interior, owing to the fact that the architectural solution of a space associated with the shape, size and arrangement of the rooms, hallway and stairs depends on the external appearance of the building. The main feature of bidermaerot sweet likeability that was emphasized family life and general apolitical or watches their private things. All this relates to the theme and furniture bidermaer, as well as in the area of the historical aspect, where present sentimentality. Simple surfaces are increasingly decorated with art materials, previous human forms became fantastic and experimental textures. However this style focuses on ease, functionality and individuality.

Key words: design, direction, interior, accent, style, detail


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