Examination of Possibilities for Introduction of Hybrid Maize Made in the Institute for Maizekneza, R. Bugaria for Manufacturing in the Strumica Region of R. Macedonia

  • Zivko Gacovski
  • Risto Kukutanov
  • Dusan Spasov
  • Daniela Ristova


The infl uence of the sowing period for breeding on traits maturetechnological maturity and genetic potential for brain of 4 genotypes hybridmaize made in the Institute for maize – Kneza, R. Bulgaria, have been studied.These genotypes belong to the maturity groups of FAO 500 (Kneza-590) andFAO 600 (Kneza-627, Kneza-629 and Kneza-634), they were bred in conditionwith irrigation, they successfully fi nished the vegetation in the Strumica regionand have achieved quite good yields.All research had shown that infl uence of sowing period over trait maturetechnological maturity and genetic potential for brain was evident on allgenotypes hybrid maize.Most distinctly average vegetation period was detectedat genotypes from the fi rst sowing period 4.05, then the third sowing period15.05 and lower at the second sowing period 25.05. Genetic potential for brain of the genotypes hybrid maize from sowinggroup FAO 500, Kneza-590, was higher in the fi rst sowing period (10 425kg/ha) than the second sowing period (7 825 kg/ha), compared with the fi rstsowing period it has 24.95% lower yield and the third has much lower sowingperiod- 7 075 kg/ha, i.e. 32.6% lower than the fi rst sowing period).The infl uence of the sowing period of the genotype hybrid maize fromsowing group FAO 600 over the high of the genetic potential for brain wasmost evident in the fi rst sowing period - 04.05, then in the second sowingperiod - 15.05 and much lower in the third sowing period - 25.05. The highestgenetic potential for brain was discovered in the hybrid Kenza-634,in thefi rst sowing period-11 400 kg/ha, then in second sowing period-8 325 kg/ha, compared with the fi rst sowing period has given 24.95% lower yield and muchlower third sowing period 5 075 kg/ha, compared with fi rst sowing period 55,5% lower yield.From the obtained results, genotypes from groups FAO 500 and 600verify the opportunites for breading hybrid corn grey, with late sowing periodin the Strumica region.


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