Service for controlling household electrical devices through the internet

  • Darko Cebov
  • Ilija Mihajlov
  • Borjana Arsova
  • Zoran Zdravev


This paper provides description of service which offers controlling household electrical devices through the Internet, remotely. The concept of the service in this format is designed as a student’s project and it gives the basic idea which can be improved.
At the beginning, importance of the problem of electrical energy consumption is explained. Some illustrative examples for improving energy consumption of the devices are given. The idea of IoT (Internet of Things) internetworking is analyzed as potential solution for the problem. Our service is based on the IoT and it is combination of some simple hardware and software components which are specified and explained separately. The business potential of developing service of this kind is mentioned. Finally, we summarize the benefits that users can obtain by implementing this system in their households.


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