• Trajko Miceski
  • Petar Kletnikovski


The common agricultural policy (CAP) established in 1962, have undergone many reforms in its history by founding the common market organizations which, generally speaking, could be assigned to two phases. In the fi rst phase the CAP had an aim to increase productivity and to ensure a satisfactory standard of living for the farmers. In this period, support to the agriculture had be given through the price system, what in time had led to the fulfi llment of the aims imposed, but also to the disturbanace of relationships between the offer and demand of the internal market. The second phase of the development of the CAP, which had been institutionalized by the Treaty from 1992, had been characterized by the transition from the yielding the support to agriculture by a price system to a direct payment system to the producers with a permanent decrease of these expencies and focusing the support to the rural development.



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