• Daniel Gelevski
  • Trajko Miceski


Institutions and organizations of the modern era are more likely to recognize that their greatest assets are the employees, or in other words, human resources. A person that possesses knowledge, skill, motivation and other abilities represents the human asset with potential that assure the organization or the institution competitive advantage. Without the people and their potential there is no organization and success. Despite numerous resources that are valuable for the organization it must be stated that the human resources are the most important ones. These resources have crucial meaning to enact the projected goals of the organization. Organizations with experience know that the training of their employees is a well-worth investment, therefore during the planning of the training course process the work places that are expected to bring direct positive revenue, that is, return of investment, are heavily accented. Knowing that the key to gaining a competitive advantage are the human resources, a rising number of organizations invest in its development. The need for training and lack of skills or abilities can be gained through the required training courses. With the globalization organizations all over the world invest millions into organizing various programs for their employees’ training with which they strive to gain competitive advantage on the markets.



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Gelevski, D., & Miceski, T. (2018). HUMAN RESOURCE TRAINING WITH SPECIAL OVERVIEW ON ADMINISTRATIVE CLERCS. Yearbook - Faculty of Economics, 10(1), 145-163. Retrieved from

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