Rural tourism in Vojvodina

  • Drago Cvijanovic
  • Tamara Gajic
  • Dejan Sekulic


The topic of rural tourism is very attractive and current, as evidenced by the number of foreign and domestic research. The authors of the paper investigated the degree of achieved quality of services in rural areas of Vojvodina. The aim of the research was to establish the level of quality of services provided to tourists in several rural households in Vojvodina, as an integral part of the Republic of Serbia. The research sample included a total of 214 respondents. The results of the research are processed in the SPSS software, with an emphasis on the technique of analysis of variance in order to investigate the existence of differences in the arithmetic means of the given research variables. The obtained results undoubtedly show that there are statistically significant differences between the average values of the categorical variable of education and the variable quality of services. The paper represents a significant scientific contribution in the field of rural tourism development and scientific research sector, which the authors have been dealing with for many years. Through critical analysis, scientific research, and domestic and foreign literature, the authors have contributed to the enormous importance in the future planning and strategic development of rural tourism in Vojvodina.
Key Words: tourism, rural development, quality, Vojvodina.
JEL classification: Q12, R1, Z32