• Naser Bresa
  • Cane kote
  • Zlatko Jakovlev


The national park “Sharri” mountains in Kosovo is expanded in five different municipalities: Prizren, Suhareka, Dragas, Shterpce and Kacanik, the essential part of which is Prevalla. This village does not take more than 1% of the entire surface of the national park. The purpose of this research is to identify the current conditions in Prevalla, touristic offers, the fulfilment of touristic needs, daily visitors or the visitor that accept these offers more than one night. The activities and the methodology of this research in the field is based on the qualitative and quantitative methods, by identifying the capacities of the Balkan’s Pearl as part of the touristic village-Prevalle, the service and the quality of life on 1500-1550 m above the sea level. The data of this research is gathered from a specific and selected sample of owners of cafes and restaurants, owners or managers of hotels and hostels; and random sample like common visitors. The results of the study are encouraging, based on statistics, comparisons and the future plan. It is important to mention that Prevalla is still on the building phase, with strategic and infrastructural plans in order to create better conditions for increasing the number of tourists, eco-tourism or sports tourism.
Keywords: Prevalla, Pearl, eco-tourism, medical tourism, sportive.
JEL Classification: L83