• Dimitar Dimitrov


The roots of tourism can be traced back to antiquity. Tourism is an interesting phenomenon, an economic activity involving trips that tourists take for a specific purpose to meet their tourist needs. Each country's policy should be aimed at the development of the tourism sector alongside other sectors of the socio-economic framework, in parallel and without favouring separate industries. Tourism has a special place in a country's economic structure. In today's globalized world, it is of great importance for settlements, regions, countries and the world economic system. Good connections and relations between managers, governments and individual organizations, especially in the tourism sector, lead to increased revenues for the country's economy.
There are a number of examples of how, on the international stage, economically highly developed countries not only have enormous potential but also manage to exercise power through tourism. The examples of the last year are many, but it is not the subject of this paper.
Keywords: tourism, destination, geography, geopolitics, globalization, economy
JEL classification: F02, F14, L83, L98