• Salija Bangoi
  • Emilija Petrova Gorgeva


The aim of this paper is to verify the position of students in elementary and lower secondary. Through this research we want to gain insight into students' involvement in making decisions in school as well as to find out what is the relation between students and teachers, the relationship between teachers themselves and what is the safety of students in school.
The research was carried out in six primary and lower secondary schools where 120 students were involved from the sixth to the ninth grade. The choice of students is random both for the success they gain and for the class they attend. As we have stated, school is a place where all active subjects need to create good relationships for the purpose of better results. The student should be allowed to socialize, to participate freely and responsibly in the school work. Therefore, the student will gain experience and will benefit the school, the community to which it belongs and the whole society. The school management and teachers are the most responsible for the good position of students in school.
By their approach, with understanding and engagement, they can influence the creation of a climate in a school that will develop co-operation, respect, tolerance and responsibility. Depending on how much we allow students to get involved in making decisions and other school activities inasmuch we will have so much better interpersonal relationships and better functioning of the school. The parents are slightly interested and they are an important factor for all the events which come to pass both inside and outside the school. All of this is largely influenced by the parents’ bad opinion about school, low employment of parents, poor teachers' salaries that are not maximally dedicated to the school and also the environment in which students spend time after school.
Key words: school, the student's position in school, participation, decision-making