• Slobodan Miloseski


Fine art today has significantly changed its status. If in the past the fine art did not require interpretations, nowadays contemporary art basically cannot be understood without interpretations, or without placement of the artwork in a theoretical context. Hence it appears that contemporary fine art is not in itself understandable, so our eyes do not accurately tell us what is what we see, and our mind needs explanation. Reception, experience and enjoyment of fine art are a complex process that depends on and is conditioned by many factors, which influence the successful transcription of the conceptual concept. In this process, the role of the semiology of painting and sculpture is to explore artistic cultural phenomena through scientific meta-lingual methods of describing and explaining, as specific meaningful expressions or meaningful paradigms of systems of contexts and practices. Thus, semiology accomplishes the enigmatic operation of reading the visible and perceives the understandable, i.e. understanding the meaning of painting and sculpture.

May 24, 2018
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