• Marija Magdinceva-Sopova
  • Snezana Bаrdarova
  • Aneta Stojanova-Stefanovska


Stress is a phenomenon that occurs as a result of overload in personal and professional life.Stress exists in all people, whether it's a manager, an entrepreneur, an owner of an enterprise, or for employees in the enterprise.There is no enterprise or work where there is no certain level of stress. Usually unknown and unpredictable situations, unpleasant or pleasant, can cause stress. Occasions that adversely affect employeesmake stress to be a daily occurrence for employees. Professional stress is one of the risk factors for the employers’ health and for the performance of each enterprise. Effective and efficient management of enterprises implies implementing a strategy for managing stress among employees which consists of recognizing stress, detecting the triggers of stress and removing their influence. This paper aims to point out the role and influence of the entrepreneur in the hiding and implementation of a strategy for managing stress at work, identifying and discovering the causes of stress and reducing the impact of stress on the employees. In the framework of the labor, a research will be carried out in order to perceive the situation in terms of informing the entrepreneur about the impact of stress in the work and the use of certain mechanisms for deterring and controlling the stress of the employees. The obtained results of the research will provide a basis for modeling of the model and recommendations for entrepreneurs in the creation of a strategy for managing stress and these will be presented in the conclusion of the paper. Key words: stress, entrepreneur, stress management, challengers on the stress, employees 

Feb 22, 2018
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MAGDINCEVA-SOPOVA, Marija; BАRDAROVA, Snezana; STOJANOVA-STEFANOVSKA, Aneta. THE ROLE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR IN MANAGING THE PROFESSIONAL STRESS OF THE EMPLOYEES. Yearbook - Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 2, p. 286-298, feb. 2018. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 03 aug. 2020.