Chemical, Microbiological and Sensory Changes of Musculus Semimembranosus of Pork Stored at Diferent Temperatures

  • Aco Kuzelov
  • Oksana Savinok


The paper includes changes that occur in vacuum packed pieces ofpork meat (Musculus semimembranosus) obtained by removing the haunch,vacuum packed and kept in a chamber at different temperature conditions of4ºC. and 6ºC. The changes that occur during storage were examined during thesecond, the third, and the fifth day after production. It was found that duringthe storage of meat cuts, there were significant changes in reduction of watercontent, while protein, fat and mineral substances were increased. The totalnumber of bacteria in meat cuts during storage was increased in those whowere kept at a temperature of 6ºC. During storage of meat cuts after the fifthday from production, the best sensory characteristics of meat had the meat cutsstored at 4ºC.


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