• Sofronija Miladinoski
  • Fejzula Beha


Quality is a necessary condition for the success of any business. Achieving this goal is done by offering a tourist product at a price that contains both the value of the tourist and the profit for a tourist organization.
Quality control, quality assurance, quality circles and total quality management (TQM) are some of the approaches that managed to maintain the attention and interest of the business leaders, given the need of the tourist organizations for constant adaptation to the changes in the environment.
Standardization is the first step towards defining and achieving the quality of workflow in the organization. The mutual relationship between quality, standards and specifications will give the correct definition of the quality system in the tourist organization.
Quality is not random. Quality is created and promoted. Effective and efficient quality management is a prerequisite for constant improvement of operations. The quality of products, services and processes is the goal towards which people are aspiring since the earliest times. Management quality control was regulated with printed specifications for materials, processes, finished products and tests as well as with measurement, measuring instruments and test laboratories.
In order to maintain a balance, managers in the production facilities formed a central inspection department headed by a chief inspector. In the twentieth century, huge production of goods and services was achieved, both in scale and complexity.
The companies have formed departments called: quality control department, quality assurance department, etc. The head of this department was named "quality manager".
The centralized activity in the quality department has led to the assertion that the achievement of quality is the responsibility of the quality department, not all employees of the company. The central activity of this department was to limit the risk of delivering a defective product to the consumer.
Keywords: tourism, quality, tourist consumers, TQM, market, tourist product, strategy, standardization etc.