• Naser M.Bresa
  • Zlatko Jakovlev


Trends of Tourism development in Prizren are a tradition based on many factors like: hospitality, special places to welcome the tourists, traditional food and interweaving multi-ethnic cultures.
The purpose of this paper is to reflect the actual annual state of tourism in the city of Prizren as well as the places tourists come from.
For this research both qualitative and quantitative research methods are used or the statistics from the relevant institutions in Kosovo, including the direct contacts with the hotels’ managers, info-centres and the databases of the touristic objects.
The results of this research paper are promising and encouraging for Prizren especially, which means the demands are increasing- about 5-7 % every year. In other words local and international tourists find Prizren an attractive and impressive place.
This research paper is relevant, accessible and reliable because it is based on the actual state of databases and practical facts such as: the number of local and international tourists, databases of hotels, the number of tourists they accommodate and the services they offer: daily stays or more.
Key words: Prizren, a city with 104 objects, cultural- historical-religious attractons