• Marija Emilija Kukubajska
  • Tatjana Ilievska


Today’s world undergoes certain changes that are considered
antihuman and unnatural since primordial times, yet the mainstream media treats
them as progressive humanistic needs for human rights and liberties. Those “changes”
presuppose teaching that young generation need no sets of moral rules as they restrict
their rights and freedom. Consequently, choice of individual moral interpretations
are imposed as new norms of the world community of edutainment and culture of
renewed aggression, alienation, virtual monsters and morphs for real wars. The
results are large scale deformations, malformations of character and integrity, on
personal and professional level. Children/students refuse to, or are incapable of
recognizing law and order or authority, neither in parents nor in teachers, and later
employers or leaders in respective areas, so they are easily prone to become followers
of new ethics, void of morals. Renewed freedoms also include new sexual revolution,
reversed or mixed sex identities and new children’s psychology for mind-altering
interventions. Non-indoctrinated intellectuals know: such tendencies derive from
19 th century philosophical and socio-political ideas and movements that promoted
socialism as replacement for capitalism by targeting traditional Judeo-Christian moral
values with personal responsibility and rights, freedom and free market economy.
This paper gives an abbreviated review of two societies that impacted and actively
morph today’s culture and ethics of a “new” world order.

Britain was not the homeland of