Macedonian language in secondary education

  • Liljana Makarijovska
  • Zhaklina Gjorgijoska


The monitoring of the realization of the teaching process of Macedonian language and literature as asubject in secondary schools and the level of usage of the Macedonian standard language with the students insecondary schools points to a series of inconsistencies in the realization of the teaching goals of this subject inthe area of language use at all its levels and in all areas.In order for these inconsistencies to be overcome, since they directly reflect the linguistic expressionof the students, it is necessary that all the curricula students’ textbooks are based on should be revised,especially since these textbooks are the basic means of education for these students. Special attention shouldbe paid to all the recurrent mistakes, (regardless of the area of their occurrence-phonology, morphology orsyntax), in order to realize if the linguistic weakness of the students’ expressions are owed to the mistakes inthe curricula or if it is another matter.All the disadvantages and the gaps in the practical use of the Macedonian language which arereflected on the quality of the knowledge obtained should be subjected to a more complex research by theteachers themselves since they are directly involved in the practice, as well as by the linguistic researchers.There should also be initiatives for open discussions regarding the contrastive analysis of thecurrent, up-to-date status of the Macedonian language, and other Slavic languages as well. Also, there shouldbe initiatives to enhance the learning of the grammatical structure of the Slavic languages in order toapprehend the similarities and the differences among them, while shedding some light on the globalizationprocesses. All of the abovementioned activities can be best realized as students’ project activities.
Jun 6, 2016
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