A hermeneutic reading of a poetic literary work during implementation of a lesson

  • Milena Ristova-Mihajlovska


The ancient human history again today and deliberately reveals the symbolic images and motifs thathave outlived man. When archaeologists dig in the distant past, find statues, buildings, temples and languagesthat speak about ancient times and beliefs. In contemporary, modern and postmodern poetry from suchimages and symbols are also required part. "Modern" interpretation of a literary text (based on the theory ofliterature!) аsks from the reader / recipient to be interpreted properly. The purpose of this paper is through apractical example to open the horizons of contemporary teacher / mentor / professor in the way ofinterpretation (ie analysis!) of the poetic literary work. Specifically, through the displayed interpretation of thesong "Needless letters to God" by Ante Popovski, we will evoke the (not so short) paraphrased quotes fromtwo important papers by underlining the role of old simbols and collective unconscious and thus to encouragea creating a different curricula hour. In this way, the poetic work is closer to the reader / learner / student andpretends to be a lifelong saving. This kind of interpretation and hermeneutical "striping" of the the literary workallows permanent retention of micro-structural elements of the poetics of poetry in memory of the reader.
Jun 7, 2016
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