Theories, social experiences and practice in intercultural pedagody

  • Alina Szczurek-Boruta


The paper aims to focus on a few issues, which in my opinion are important for the description,explanation and design of educational activity undertaken in the ambiguous social and cultural reality.Pedagogy provides answers to fundamental questions about the sense of life, about functioning andsupporting man in the sophisticated world. What takes place gradually is the crystallization of interculturalpedagogy, which is a major new sub-discipline of modern world pedagogy and which has been developingdynamically in Poland over the last decade. This development has been duly facilitated by the processes ofEuropean integration and the active involvement of Polish pedagogues. In the presented study, some theoriesand currents in perceiving and dealing with intercultural education will be referred to and the social experienceand educational practice in this field will be indicated.
Jun 8, 2016
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