The issue of respecting the developmental possibilities and activity-planning in early childhood development

  • Alma Tasevska
  • Kiril Barbareev


Following and respecting the developmental characteristics of the child represents a tendency whichis becoming more and more visible in contemporary pedagogical practices. Since the differences in thepossibilities for children can show great amplitude, i.e. they can be found significantly below or above themedium values, it is extremely unacceptable for the educator to have the same approach towards all theindividuals. For this reason, the educational system must be differentiated, not as much in the size andcomplexity of the content as in the help for the planned activities to be successfully done.The subject of research in this work regards the respect to the individual developmental possibilitiesof the children from 3 to 5,8 years, as a basis for activity-planning. The methods and techniques that wereapplied are: the method of analysis, the inductive, descriptive and the method of generalization, as well as thetechniques of analysis of pedagogical documentation, observation and surveying. Self-research includes thefollowing tasks: respecting the categorization of the childhood development, the manner of applying thedifferentiated approach in the realization of the activities, and the needs and possibilities for planning activitiesbased on the developmental abilities of the children.On the basis of the received results, it can be concluded that: The program for early childhooddevelopment respects the developmental characteristics of the children; The educator notices and respects thedevelopmental characteristics of the children in their group; There is a need for additional professionalcompetences for the educators regarding the planning of activities based on the developmental characteristicsof the children.
Jun 15, 2016
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