Integration of information and communication technologies into preschool education

  • Tatyana V. Nikulina


Training with application of the information and communication technologies (ICT) is based oninformation exchange between participants of educational process and means of information technologies. Inthis article the integration of information and communication technologies into preschool education by meansof merging educational areas and learning tools focused on the realization of the psychological andpedagogical purposes of training and education is considered. The author suggests integration of educationalspaces by means of game activity designing and a privacy of the spaces providing a free choice of children,removability of game material, emergence of various educational spaces stimulating physical, informative,creative, game and research activity of preschool children including the emotionalenvironment of development of a training material. Tatyana V. Nikulina in detail describes theactivities of preschool children based on spiral development of the process of training in which the childdreams, creates projects, plays, shares thoughts and the results of creativity that constantly induce children tocreate something new, to put forward innovative decisions, to come to a new spiral turn with unforeseen lifesituations. The results of preschool education are based on skills to which certain actions correspond formed inthe course of studying of educational areas, which are a basis for further studying of school disciplines andapplication in everyday life. However, formation of skills has to focus teachers on the need for changing thetechnique and approaches to training of preschool children for the purpose of all-round development of theirpersonalities, their motivation for an educational activity, and ability to self-development. Besides, the articledescribes in detail the psychophysiological functions providing readiness of the child for school with theapplication of ICT. The author believes that ICT is the instrument of motivation and development of childrenallowing them to broaden their horizons, and create system of national values.
Jun 15, 2016
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